Random Company Will Pay Man’s Drunken $1,600 Uber Fare As Thank You For Not Drinking and Driving

After a night of partying in West Virginia, Kenny Bachman was ready to head home and get a good nights sleep.

Though he does not remember doing it, he ordered himself an Uber so he could safely get back to his friend’s house near the West Virginia University campus.

A few hours after getting into the car, however, he woke up to find himself more than two hours into the 300-mile journey to his home in New Jersey.

Since he had also accidentally ordered himself an Uber XL, rather than a regular car, the fare was doubled from $800 to $1,600.

Because Bachman did not have the money to pay the fare, he started a GoFundMe pageasking for donations.

Thankfully, his predicament caught the eye of Jamie Giovinazzo, the founder of Eat Clean Bro in Freehold, New Jersey.

According to Giovinazzo, the food prep company has a lot of delivery drivers working for them on the road – so as a means of thanking Bachman for not drinking and driving, he volunteered to pay the entirety of the hefty Uber fare.

The money that was raised on Bachman’s GoFundMe page will now be donated to the charity Mothers Against Drunk Driving.


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