Planning A Romantic Picnic


There are always certain things that can be improved on when in a relationship especially if it is struggling and one of them is being a old fashioned gentleman. There is an element of romanticism about the previous generations and how they conducted themselves during courting and many people believe that this has been lost in modern day society. With all the social progressions being made for women and also men things have most certainly improved but that is not to say that society is completely without loss. As the woman has become more independent and strong the certain charms of a gentlemans way has diminished. Well from opening doors, to questions of permission to even making a romantic picnic a relationship will benefit from simple old school gestures. Here is a few tips to creating a wonderful picnic and a lasting memory.


1. Prepare the food carefully and make sure that some thought is put into how it is going to be carried and prepared on site. Some food that is mess free and also finger food is best for picnics.


2. Make sure to pack some romantic snacks such as dark chocolate or strawberries. These a classic treats.


3. Bring some favourite drinks and pack them in a cooler with some ice. A cold drink at a picnic is one of lifes great pleasures.


4. Make sure that the forecast is checked and that there is not going to be rainstorms or overcast whether. 


5. Pick a place that has some sentimental value or if there is not one that comes to mind then choose a nice open meadow that will not be too overcrowded.


6. The most overlooked thing about a picnic is not bringing the correct equipment. You want to make sure that the rug is covering the grass, there is sufficient plates and a good fold out chair. These little furniture additions make the world of difference particularly for older couples.


Create a wonderful and memorable picnic with a partner today and give a taste of romantic charm to a stale relationship. Make sure that things are prepared correctly and that both people are comfortable. 


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