Ozzie Woman removed from designer handbag store but she comes back triumphant.

Terry Fields went into a designer handbag store with extreme excitement. She was browsing for an upcoming purchase of one of the new summer edition single strap handbags as she had been strictly saving for over 6 month in order to afford one of these luxurious bags. “I was like a kid in a candy store, I could not suppress my happiness at simply looking at the bags” but what transpired was quite an unfortunate situation. She was told by a sale assistant that if she didn’t intend to buy anything that day that she would have to leave to make room for “actual” customers. “The disrespect of the employee was startling. I didn’t even bother to explain that I would be most likely getting a bag in the coming weeks”

Terry left the store and decided that she would come back in a few weeks when she was ready, speak directly to the manager about the particular employee as well as get the bag that she deserved. When Terry returned to the store to make her purchase, it’s safe to say the look on the face of the employee when she remembered Terry was more than enough satisfaction. “It is important to never judge a book by its cover” Terrys final comment.

Terry is just one of many people that aspire to own high quality designer items that can represent hard work and dedication. It is not easy to be able to afford certain designer items for the average working person however if you follow a careful plan you too can get the item you want, just like Terry. We took some time to list a few key helpful tips that can help you on your way to succeeding in your savings goal.

Set your goal.

Pick an item that is reasonable in price and something you like. Consider a good and achievable budget to be less than two months of your current earnings.

Create your budget.

If you want to get the item in six months, you should aim to save about 33% of your earnings every month.

Find discounts.

Become a detective when it comes to finding discounts, and not just on big purchases but even the little things like paper towels.

Put earnings aside immediately.

You should automatically deduct from your monthly as soon as you get it. You can go as far as to set this up automatically in a budgeting app.

Hopefully these few tips and mindfulness when shopping will help you achieve your goals. Terry’s thriftiness can be an inspiration to us all. Speaking of discounts, if you enjoyed this blog and wish to read more you can subscribe to our mailing list and receive a 15% discount

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