Mother Was In Debt Before Her Son Bought Her This House

Pete Worthing spent his childhood shuffling from place to place as the price of rent skyrocketed and single mother Helen struggled to make ends meet.

“Throughout my primary and high school years I can recall having to pack up nearly every 1-2 years,” Pete says.

In those days, Pete made the secret vow to himself that he would one day buy Helen a place of her own – so she never had to move again.

But life threw in its fair share of hurdles. Six years ago Pete was left critically injured after an accident. He’s doing well now, but the recovery is ongoing. More recently, Helen’s mother fell down the stairs in her home, sustained a head injury and died. Helen was already on stress leave at work but these life-changing events pushed her over the edge. Pete recognised an opportunity to help out.

“After months of looking around we finally found a dream house,” Pete says. “It’s only two bedrooms, but that’s all she needs.”

The spacious home is set over three levels in a leafy rainforest setting. “It’s got a fireplace, which she always wanted,” Pete says. “It overlooks the river and is only 20 minutes from Coolangatta.”

It’s also 15 minutes down the road from Pete’s own place, which he admits was a major drawcard. “She looks after my dog – a funny greyhound-border-collie-cross – so it helps!”

Helen was previously living in a pretty run-down rental. Pete says she would come to visit him though. “Now she’s close to everything, and she’s got friends moving down that way too.”

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