Kiwi Entrepreneur Donates It All Away

Mr Mark Dunajtschik is a property developer and has enjoyed over 4 decades of success but his latest venture in perhaps the most important to date. He has decided to use what he has to gift an incredible amount to aid with the creation of a new childrens hospital in New Zealand capital. Over Mark's life he has been involved in a number of developments that have benefited healthcare and sports and this is the first time he has decided to give a huge amount to help the countries future. 


50 patients beds will be included in the new wing as well as a n area for families of  the kids to wait and even sleep alongside. This donation will be one of the biggest in recent years and the health minister has congratulated Mr Dunajtschik for his continued support to the development of New Zealand. She has said this last act as "unparalleled" in compassion. The project is estimated to be completed over the next few years and will encompass over 7000 square meters within the current Wellington Regional Hospital Campus, however there is still a little bit more support needed.


"The current childrens hospital is nearly 30 years old and no longer fit for purpose" said Mr Dunajtschik. Making improvements in childrens development is both noble but also makes sure there is a solid foundation for the future.  The act of Mr Dunajtschik is likely to engage more support from other philanthropists both abroad and in New Zealand. Though we should also thank his wife Dorothy who he said she  "couldn't think of a more worth project". When looking at the impact that this has had on the mindset of Kiwis it is truly incredible as New Zealand ranks as the 3rd most generous country in the world.


 We hope this generous donation will help inspire others to similar acts of generosity and next time that you are feeling a little frugal perhaps remember this story and the happiness it has brought countless others. Giving is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.


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