How To Live With A Girlfriend - Man Cave Construction



Even the strongest of relationships can be challenged by living in close proximity to one another so it is important to create a home that caters to both parties and has some space specifically designed for each inhabitant. Some couples benefit greatly from sharing a bedroom while others need to have time alone to sleep to be fully rested. Likewise some people can feel smothered by their other half always within ear shot, or having to share common spaces. This is why the greatest invention of all was created.... the man cave.


Here is a small guide for you to follow when you want to create a space only for men. Watch what you want, play what you want, do what you want, when you want in the safety of a cave.


1. Take time to organise and prepare a space in the home that will be converted into the man cave. Visualise where each piece of furniture will go before making any DIY instalments.


2. Start with the focus points. Usually this will be the TV and speaker system but on occasion it might be a pool or poker table. Design the room around the focal point.


3. Make a list of what materials are needed to complete the task. Putting in a system rack to contain all cables, electronics, films etc. 


4. Have a bar stocked with favourite beverages. Make sure to have all electrical in-place before creating the bar. A mini fridge is key to any good man cave.


5. Have some decor that mimics favourite hobbies, bands, sports teams. Creating a personalised home bar is half the battle in making a man cave perfect.


6. Make sure there is a place to store snacks and eat them without covering the entire place in crumbs. Have careful choice on fabrics in the room such as carpeted areas.


7. Make sure it is sound proofed so music can be enjoyed without infringing on others.


8. Double up the man cave by adding a work space that can be used to complete more productive tasks. It is a great idea to make it half and office so it is justifiable to the other half.


Pretty simple to make a man cave. Have a bar, couch, tv, fridge, few games and decor and thats all. Most men love going to the bar, so bring it closer to home with this amazing authentic speakeasy bar stool!



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