First Date Tips At The Bar


When thinking of an option on where to take your date for the first time it is important to pick a place where both people will be able to relax and enjoy themselves. First dates for the most part will be casual encounters and so it is important to try and stay away from something to formal, at least on the first date that is. A good option might be going for a walk in the park, grabbing a cup of coffee or even just a movie, but most people in this day an age seem to prefer going to the bar. It can be a good option but there are a few precautions that should be taken when having a first date in the bar.


1. Choose a bar that is not too fancy but conversely not to shabby. An establishment where the norm is to wear jeans and not shorts. Don't look to impress but don't look like somebody that does not care.


2. Never choose a chain restaurant where you can order drinks as well, choose an area that is specifically a bar and not somewhere that does food first, drinks second.


3. Choose an area which is not too familiar, most people think that hanging out at their local place is a good thing but it actually is the reverse. A first date is supposed to be an intimate meeting between two people and not somewhere where everybody knows each others name as this will only distract from the conversation.


4. Choose a bar with some music and good lighting. A good crowd will be important to make both people feel comfortable, however a busy bar with load music and smoke is not the scene that is complimentary to a first date.


5. Have a few nibbles during drinks as this will prevent hands from becoming nervous. When they have something to do it is good as giving off nervous body language does not help with first impressions.


Just a few quick tips for when having a first date. Alternatively you can always bring the bar into the home with this amazing and comfortable Green Neon Bar Stool. We don't recommend having first dates at home, but if lucky enough to have a few more it is bound to impress.

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