Delivery Driver Sensationally Quits And Reveals The Truth About Your Parcels

In the digital age with online shopping taking over high street retail shops, delivery drivers are being asked to drop off up to 200 packages a day, are being paid less than minimum wage and urinate in bottles because there's no time to take a break, according to a delivery driver who sensationally quit his job last week.

“It’s just gotten ridiculous” says whistleblower Mark Williams. “I’ve worked for three different delivery companies now and it’s all the same. You end up working far more than you should be doing and not getting paid what you deserve. On top of that the equipment these companies are using was never designed for this volume. It’s a constant struggle.”

Drivers have told us that they regularly work longer than the legal-maximum hours each day and break speed limits to meet delivery goals, which don't take into account traffic jams, road closures or weather problems. Industry insiders have told us the situation seems to show no signs of being able to resolve itself due to the continue expansion of digital commerce.

“There is so much pressure these days to make fast deliveries and keep up with the all the online orders that the job is next to impossible” says Mark. “Every driver I know is overworked and stressed out. We’ve all had enough. I got lucky to get out of the grind, but there are many left behind with no other sources of employment. These guys are being worked into an early grave and nobody’s doing anything about it.”

After hearing what Mark had to say we contacted his previous employer to see what they thought of his story and how their policies compare with those in other industries. The general feedback was that whilst they were aware of growing demand and stains within the delivery industry, that they provide provide competitive compensation to contracted drivers, who receive a rate in excess of the national living wage after deductions. Even so - we can’t help but think that more could be done to help other drivers as this problem of overworking shows no sign of slowing down.

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