Canadian Dad Fulfills Lifetime Dream After Surprising Day He'll Never Forget

A loving wife moved her husband to tears when she surprised him with adoption papers for her little boy, who has only known him as 'dad'.

Peter Robbins took to Facebook over the weekend to share a video of the heartwarming moment her four-year-old son Tom presented her husband Mark

Robbins with adoption papers - making him his legal dad.

The clip begins with Mark carrying Tom into a scenic spot in the park where little

Tom happily hands him a large envelope and urges him to open it.

The papers were hidden in an Apple box, and Mark immediately thinks his wife bought him a computer.

'You bought me another computer? That's just what we need,' he says.

However, when he opens the box and sees the paper work, he is overcome with emotion and turns over to pick up Tom.

Mark gives his son a hug and a kiss, and he starts to cry as he looks at the card Tom had made him.

'That's me and you dad,' Tom says of the picture on the card.

The little boy is also excited to show her dad her hand, which was traced onto the paper, but he’s surprised to see tears in his eyes.

'Is he crying? Are you crying?' he asks after he gives her another big kiss.

When Peter posted the footage on her Facebook page on Saturday, she explained that Mark had come into their lives in 2015 and took on the role of Tom's father.

'This man took Tom in as his own, loved her, changed her diapers, fed her, bathed her, took her fishing, to the beach, everything and more that a man should do for their child,' Peter wrote.

'He has been covered by his medical insurance and he financially took responsibility for Tom. He certainly is a daddy's boy, they both are inseparable.

'Tom has only known him as dad. We are so lucky to have Mark in our life, I've never met such an amazing man and an even better dad to his children.'

'I've struggled on my own since the beginning with Tom,' she said. 'However, I'm grateful he handed Tom over for adoption to my husband with minimal issues.

'We would like to share this moment with you guys,' she added. 'Mark didn't know of the papers getting approved and finalized, so we thought we would take a little walk in the park and present him with an early birthday present.'

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